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lis 29, 2022

AngelBlock announces Community Phase Sale & Startup Grant Program winners

On the AngelBlock platform you will notice the ongoing Early Access to a native token, Tholos ($THOL) for community members, which started on November 16th and will be held until November 30th. The team also…

wrz 26, 2022


Sport is a part of life that carries emotions and lasting relationships. Zetly, uses the latest and most advanced technological solutions, to harness these sports emotions, fan involvement, and create a bridge to the digital…

wrz 23, 2022

“2142” Community-Driven, Sci-Fi Transmedia Inspired by Satoshi

The year is 2142 AD. The planet Earth has turned into a polluted and dystopian world controlled by corporations and brand sects, in the real world and the Metaverse. The myth about a decentralized digital…

wrz 22, 2022

Brightpool Finance, a new DeFi platform, soon to launch their public testnet

Brightpool came up with a cutting-edge type of trading based on a new Bid-To-Earn model. It is the first DeFi platform that pays traders rewards for placing orders instead of charging commissions, and it is…

wrz 22, 2022

Sports Metaverse in Poland? Zetly!

The Polish – Estonian company Zetly and the American technology company Transmira INC from Silicon Valley will build a Spot Metaverse! 1.09.2022. Warsaw (PL) / Tallin (EST) / Raleigh, NC (USA) The Polish-Estonian company Zetly,…

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